A real estate broker with deep interest in women.

at Posted by Kusum Rohra
Yup! Thats what I am turning into. All because I have this lucky (?) charm because of which whoever shifts in with me, gets married within few months of living with me. Really. You don't belive me fine, let's see how many women has it been.

1.Pranati Mohapatra.
2.Rubina Chowdhury.
3.Prachi Mohapatra.
4.Swati Nanda.
5.Hafsa Noorie.
6.Vidhi Malhotra

Phew, all of them in less then two years! Which means every few months I am back to my 'Looking for a female roommate' stage! And you guys have no idea how bleedhy difficult it is to find a good roommate, I have been stuck with horrible roommates. Now before I take in any new roomie I try to ask them as many questions as possible which means I end up spending a lot of time trying to know these women *abruptly stops blogging and runs off to meet another woman hoping this one is 'The one' *