Waah Taj

at Posted by Kusum Rohra
In about a month I would be getting married, so as a very demure and shy (get rid of the grin people) bride-to-be I thought it is necessary to book a super sexy place for the wedding night. My first choice was a place in town, I just love South Mumbai. But travelling to the domestic airport for flying the next day to the honeymoon destination * trying to blush * from South Mumbai can be a pain, hence after careful consideration of various things (read king size bed and sea view) that are to be considered for booking a good place for the wedding night I decided Taj lands End was a good option. As a true sindhi I wanted to see if I could get some good offer. Their website lists too many option to be useful hence I decided calling them would be the best way to get a good deal. Ha!
The shy demure bride-to-be: Hi I am Kusum, I would like to book a room for my wedding night, I would like to know if you have some good offer going on for a two night stay.
After going through the endless useless offers the conversion came to the most useful and relevant offer Taj could have:
Person on the reservation desk: Hi Kusum, we have another offer (for the sake of simplicity let's call it WAAH TAJ.) which will be very good for your wedding night stay.
Me(feeling very excited and shy as well): Great what all does it include?
POTRD: Free use of the club facilities such as gymnasium, sauna etc.
Me(feeling very disappointed that the POTRD too is pushing me to the gym): What else does it include?
POTRD: Choice of newspaper's
That's it, I was laughing so hard in my head I could not hear what she said after that, I mean what the hell is wrong with these people. Why exactly would a offer which gives you your choice of newspapers and free use of the gymnasium would be relevant or even useful to a couple on their wedding night!! Isn't that supposed to be relevant after the fourth day of the honeymoon? He will read the paper and I will go work out in the gym. At least for the first four days and no more, with the way things are four days should be enough for us to realise saala kidhar phaas gaye hum ;)

A friend suggested that I could make exotic lingerie out of the newspapers, but then I realised if I do that the chances of the hubby falling asleep while trying to read a lingerie are quiet high and then just out of frustration I might actually hit the gym. Heh heh, so for now Waah Taj is surely a No Taj for me. Any good ideas from you my dear readers which do not include newspapers and gym?