Kurbaan = Friday Night ruined

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Warning: Spoilers ahead, so read this post to save your money.

I had booked tickets for De Dana Dan for the much awaited Friday night, since husband and I are in Chennai we have too many options for the weekend, however we ditch all those options and choose to see bad movies.The very snooty husband told me De Dana Dan was trashed badly so in spite of my intelligence and prior bad experiences on taking his advice, well I sold my tickets to De Dana Dan and bought tickets for Kurbaan and along with it Kurbaan-ed a Friday night and my money.

Why can't people like Karan Johar stick to their core (in)competencies. Song,dance, clothes, location. At least people know that it's a song-dance routine and just chill. Is it too much to ask?What exactly was the point Karan Johar tried to make with his story? Anybody? The movie obviously was a joke from the moment Vivek Oberoi with his very bad acting decided to deal with the terrorist gang himself instead of alerting the authorities. I mean really, what the hell was the point of the movie? In this one particular scene Om Puri is to drink coffee when Kirrrrron Kher stops him and says "oi, tumko diabities hai and coffee main cheeni hai.....blah blah blah' I think the scence would have been better if she said "Oi, tumko diabities hai and coffee main cheeni hai, tumhe bomb blast main marna hai, diabitites se marega to tumhe jannat nahi milegi."

To add to the anger and confusion I was feeling while watching the movie, (anger because I am sure no matter how bad it was de dana dan could never have been as bad as Kurban and confused because I kept hoping that may be D'Silva tried to add something to the movie and maybe there was a point to it after all) was just aggravated in the interval, the lady who used the loo right before I entered had wet the entire seat. I stepped out and asked her how can she just leave the seat all wet. To which she said it was already wet. Grrrrrr. When we were leaving the theatre, I saw her walking on the sidewalk and yelled out to her "Dirty unhygienic woman!!" The hubby has disowned me after that, but then it's time somebody yelled at idiots like that. We should put pictures of these people in public places and ban their entry. If you don't have basic civic sense then bloody nonsense you stay at home.

While I would complete trash this movie, a word of praise for Kareena and her make up man are a must. She acted the best I guess and her make - up well oh la la au naturale' . So there if you think the movie is still worth watching than I am damn sure its only because of the ( love-making scene! Hmpf.

The Menu for the week in Rohra's Kitchen

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Since I am a working housewife (do you realise how much I harp on this, full footage I want from the fact that I slog so much to earn money for buying diamonds and feed the husband to make him fat and ready for the kill. heh) I like to try and make sure I can cook in the least required time. If you have cooked 4 meals a day, regularly and are looking for adding variety then you know that one of the toughest and time consuming activities is deciding the menu and to avoid wasting time in this activity I hereby present to you the 'Menu of the week' hung carefully on our fridge with my lovely fridge magnets :) This saves me time every day and is handy every Saturday when I am shopping for the coming week. I know, I know what you all want to say; What an idea loonyji * smiling from ear to ear *

Santo and Banto

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Long long back I was blessed by this mysterious charm due to which all the room-mates were getting married leaving me behind on a long and tiring room-mate search. When I moved out of my parents' house for the first time I moved in with couple of my colleagues who now are my best friends, since I was lucky to have them as my first roomies the thought that room-mates can make your life hell too never crossed my mind until both of them got married and I moved into Palm villa where the roomies made my life hell. So after these women left (thankfully) I was very sore from the experience and decided to scrutinise the next girl moving in very very closely.

One evening I get a call from this punju girl, we decided to meet close to my house. I being the loony I am reached 15 mins late and the poor Santo stood there waiting for me. When I finally reached there she had this lovely smile on her face, I was surprised I was expecting her to make a face or at least get pissed silently instead there she stood smiling. Once we reached home and settled and spoke to each other I knew she was the one ( I know it's sounding like I was looking for a spouse but believe me finding a good room-mate is just the same )

She asked all the relevant and important questions 'Where is the nearest theatre?', 'Where is the nearest mall?' when I told her how she easily get a bus to her work she said "Bus is good, but don't we get rickshaws from here? Just that I am too lazy to take the bus." She didn't bore me with the regular questions like Do you drink? (I have a post coming up on this stupid question) Do you smoke? Do guys come here? How do we split the expenses? Those question would be sensible but heck, what can be more sensible than theatres and malls?

So I approved of her in fact I sent her desperate smses to move in and then what followed was total fun. First memory of her to me was changing the pale off white curtains we had in our house, they were very classy but classy wlassy is one thing but having life and colour is another, so we got bright red curtains for the house. Next thing we got plants, next we got round pillows to rest our lazy selves while watching tv. Just like that one night she says Ms. Rohra if we had round pillows on our royal mattresses wouldn't it be very comfortable? Off we went in our sleeping clothes to get round pillows, sorry I mean the cheapest available round pillows, we were after all broke but surprisingly never to broke to buy totally unnecessary but wonderful things.

So now we had colour, life, comfort et al in our cosy little house in palm villa :) Both were broke thanks to our shopoholic-ness but did we stop? No. We shopped for small little things to make it more of a home than any. Thanks to her I fell into love with colours :) the roomies before her wouldn't spend Rs.50 extra bucks on the maid to dust the house!

Now my favourite memories of her and me are of our super lazy days. We would sit our tushies in front of the t.v. for dinner, finish our dinner and then without even washing our hands would go from sitting to sleeping and watching t.v till we HAD to go to our rooms. and call it a night Other times we would watch back to back episodes of friends taking turns to change the CDs. That to us was a very tiring exercise. I remember one Sunday morning or rather afternoon we woke up and since we couldn't decide which one of us could make coffee, we just went to Hyatt to have breakfast. Ah, Hyatt the place where a huge % of our salaries were spent thanks to our love for their pizzas and disregard for our wallets.

So here is this post to thank the wonderful roomie who made life fun, coloured it with brightness, shopped with me no matter what the capacity of the wallet and most of all was their during the toughest part of my life and somehow helped me through it. Here is the two of us at one of our favourite places in good old Mumbai 'Prithvi theatre' which was only 30 mins away from our home :D

P.S: The title of this post is keeping the spirit of people in mind :) She Banto; the happy punjaban) me Santo; the er healthy like a punjaban ;)

Chai Time in Palm Villa

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The best thing about being married so far has been the husband's desktop. It has a 19' monitor, just right for the aging and semi blind me. A very typical morning in the Rohra and Advani house has us; the loony couple, sitting on our very sweet built for two breakfast table hogging on our hearty breakfasts. Perfect you would think? Wait till you hear this. *singing tadna tadna tadna tadddddna * The loony husband *pauses for effect * doesn't drink tea or coffee.

Which means on the lovely breakfast table, eating our hearty breakfast there is this awful disconnect! I drink my pudina chai and he drinks his * cringes her nose * Bournvita. So you see we haven't really bonded yet. What do we bond over? Over BOURNVITA, really? I am loony but not that much, yet. Anyways, in the evenings too when I do come home at a decent hour, I sit with my lonely cup in front of the desktop pinging ex roomies about how much I miss our chai sessions together.

That brings me to the 'Chai time in Palm Villa'. Palm Villa was the apartment I stayed for the last 2-3 years of my single life * sigh * how much I miss it. Enjoying chai in the morning or after a hard day of work, was a ritual in our house, all the roomies, Vineeta desai, Swapnagangha Joshi (the one who got me addicted to pudina chai), Raji, Rubina Chowdhury (the Bengal tigress cum singaporean babe who used to have black tea/coffee right before sleeping), Pranati Mohapatra (who lives geographically the closest now and hence MUST drop in for tea sometime after all Bangalore is not that far from Chennai) and last but not in the bit least Vidhi Malhotra were into it like it was a cult.

We all respected the chai time so much that we could give up anything to be at home at the chai time. Poor Malhotra worked the farthest from home and so would miss the chai session in the evenings. So one Friday I get a call from this very chirrpy, happy sounding punjaban saying "Ms. Rohra, I have finally managed to reach home before you, let me know when you are about to reach, main chai chadda dungi" I could almost hear her grin away happily, to which I very very sadly replied "Ms. Malhotra, I am stuck at work and doesn't look like I will make it anytime soon." The very optimistic Malhotra reminded me it was weekend so no matter how late I got home we would have chai. She kept smsing me in between expecting an Main-aa-rahi-hun reply however I only got home in time for dinner and the chai time that evening was Qurban corporate slavery ke naam.

Next day morning I had to go to work whereas a very peaceful Malhotra lay sleeping (one of her favourite things to do in the whole world), before leaving I just nudged her a bit asking "I am making some tea would you want some." She just nodded a no sleepily. As I was about to make tea suddenly she come running and says, "I have been waiting to have tea with you since yesterday! Akele toh chai achi nahi lagegi, I can always sleep again after you go, bring it on ji." and thats exactly what she did, she had chai and went back to sleep. Such is the importance of having tea with some people around you. Having chai just doesn't feel right.