Restaurant at the end of the Universe

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Well, not the universe, but definitely at the end of mainland India, that's where we went, this Independence day weekend. They say make hay while the sun shines, so while we are in the extremely sunny and hot Madras, the husband and I decided to travel to as many places easily accessible from here and one such place is Kanyakumari.

After a 14 hour sleepy train journey we arrived at the Kanyakumari station which was in complete shambles. The one good thing about this train journey was that instead of reading, or playing UNO, we played 20 questions for guessing a celebrity. We stayed at the Vivekanandapuram, which I think was a bad decision because roughing it out and staying in budget accommodation is just not in us. Once we settled in our dingy little room we decided to get out of it immediately. A problem I seem to have with travelling around south India is that every tourist destination seems to have temples gallore, something that neither the husband nor I are really interested in. So if we leave out the temples then the only two things to do in Kanyakumari were to enjoy the Sunset and Sunrise and visit the Vivekananda Rock memorial and we were disappointed in both of these.

Unfortunately it was very cloudy so even though we reached well in time, found a huge rock, managed to climb it and plonk ourselves on to it, we were not able to see much of the sunrise or the sunset and we had really picked the worse time to travel as there were hordes of people from around the country, it being he independence long weekend, which meant huge queues in the harsh sun. I love getting tanned but I would rather be tanned from lazying on the beach then from standing in a serpentine queue to visit some Rock. Sigh. All in all, I would recommend that you rather skip this place unless of course you are loony like me and think that it's fun to go to a restaurant at the end of the universe, oh I know it's just the end of mainland India but that sounds so lame doesn't it?

A mention about this restaurant is really necessary, one of our biggest disappointment in Kanyakumari was the food. Now I really like South Indian food and stick to it most of the times but even the South Indian food was horrible to say the least, right when we were about to lose all hope, we found this little place called Sangam which thankfully served a mean fish fry and food that wasn't great but wasn't bad either.

From Murphy, with love.

at Posted by Kusum Rohra
My husband and Murphy seem to be at loggerheads always and this time Murphy really outdid himself. Every evening on our drive back home husband and I have recently been hooked to a radio show called 'The evening drive' by a fantastic RJ Disha Oberoi but once we get home we have to listen to the radio on the cell phone and hence I decided to get a FM transistor and on our next visit to Mercy electronics I wanted to pick-up a simple Philips transistor, but the husband refused. He said he wanted to check for better deals!

I was so furious, I mean the thing was for Rs.550 and he wanted to look for deals? But it's my geeky husband and when he says better deals it necessarily translates into an expensive piece of electronic junk that will do hajaar things that are really not necessary like for example it will say "God bless you" when you sneeze, if you spend an extra Rs.10,000/- * rolls eyes * So off he went and came back with this fancy IPod dock, that cost us 20 times any decent transmitter would have cost us. Oh well, I was happy as long as I could listen to the radio at home and the first thing I wanted to do was to tune it to 104.8 FM and well um we couldn't tune it. Seriously we just couldn't believe it, I mean it would go from 104.7 to 104.9, we were exasperated. I mean how difficult is it to tune a radio? To top it, there wasn't a user manual We tried everything we could think of including begging the radio to have some mercy on us. So there we were, trying to understand why, what and how did this happen! Hubby dearest felt really frustrated and bummed and I can imagine Murphy smirking smugly as if to say, so you just spent 20 times the amount required, now let me spoil it for you. So for this birthday I have a request for Mr.Murphy, can you please not mess with the hubby in matters where I am involved too?

P.S: We finally found a online manual and were able to tune the radio, we just had to change the region under settings to Asia for which we had to press few buttons together which we would have never thought of! But for the hour or so we took to finally be able to do that, we felt really stupid.

P.P.S: I was recently telling a friend about Murphy's love for my husband and around 10 minutes later the friend remarked "Oh! You mean Murphy as in from Murphy's law. I was wondering if you were talking about your landlord." I didn't know if I should laugh or cry for having such intelligent friends, so if there are any more like him around let me clarify, Murphy most definitely isn't our landlord * Chuckles *