My Tom Ford Mangalsutra

at Posted by Kusum Rohra
One bright morning a very sweet room-mate of mine came back from the kitchen looking sad and exasperated. According to me our kitchen is a place which people generally are very happy to visit, so I asked her the reason for her exasperation she replied, “This new room-mate doesn’t understand my jokes.” Most sad situation to be in I must say, when you crack a silly pj and have to explain it to people! Kills you.The least people should do is pretend to find your pjs funny! Apparently this sweet room-mate who happens to be a deadly singer (quiet literally, insects die when she sings) joked while gargling that it was time for her morning riyaaz, to which the not-understanding-jokes room-mate responded “Oh, so you do riyaaz?” Tch tch tch.

The sweet room-mate and the not-understanding-jokes room-mate have left and now I live with someone who doesn’t understand my jokes *gasp*. Has anyone of you seen this episode of Seinfeld where he is dating a girl who never laughs at his jokes, I think it was called The switch. I’m living with that girl, no not the one who acted in that episode, duh. I’m living with someone who doesn’t laugh, at least not at my jokes *sigh*. I have recently fallen in love with a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses, which I can order from however I have membership to only so I guessed it's best I ordered from there and for that I have come up with a brilliant plan.

I am not too fond of gold and I don’t see myself being thrilled by a mangalsutra []. So I feel that when the boyfriend and I get married and the pandit says “Abhi app vadhu ko mangalsutra pehnao.” He should just put the Tom Ford on my eyes instead of tying the mangalsutra around my neck.

See the sunglasses will definitely be cheaper than any Mangalsutra I pick, so that way I am guessing the boyfriend will be happy to save money if we buy sunglasses instead of mangalsutra and I will be the happiest bride ever wearing my favorite Tom Ford! * beams with joy at the very thought of it *. However when I told this brilliant plan to my new roomie she just looked at me as if I had just told her the number of cockroaches that died since 1986. No laugh, no smile, no expression! Gah! I feel the look on peoples faces when they would see a new bride wearing Tom Ford sunglasses instead of mangalsutra would be very funny but the new roomie apparently doesn't have a sense of humour :(

So, now my only option is to come and tell you people of all my brilliant plans in life. At least I can ass-u-me that you guys laugh while you may actually give those blank irritated looks to your screens. Tch tch tch poor you peoples, look what the Internet is doing to you. Heh.

Edited to add:

A friend from Singapore whose name I must not mention as her husband also reads this blog :D just pointed out that getting sunglasses as mangalsutra will also mean that I will be married only during the day, during the night I can be single and oh so happy ;). Also my marriage will get a seasonal off, during the rainy season I can get naughty. Ah! I always new my ideas are puuurfect!