Loony Train Accident

at Posted by Kusum Rohra
I always have had a strong feeling that some freaks up there watch me all the time and every now and then they decide to have a laugh or two at my expense. Long ago, in the comforatable land called parent's home, I was a princess, I travelled in a private rickshaw to school and my college was very close to home so there had been no exposure to travelling in Mumbai's local train, which according to me is not a mode of transport but some experiment conducted by highly frustrated aliens. One evening a friend of mine Anju* (another princess like me) and I were returning from a friend's house which was close to the Ulhasnagar station, instead of walking all the way over to the station and crossing the bridge we decided to cross the railway tracks . Now no sensible person should cross the tracks so it would be safe to say we qualified to cross the railway tracks.
It was late in the evening and there were no lights on the tracks. Now Ulhasnagar station has two railway tracks with little space between them and almost no space on the sides. As we walked ahead we realised that there was a train coming on the track we were walking on. We quickly ran onto the other track only to realise there was a train coming on that one too. In a fit of confusion we stupid girls jumped onto the side instead of lying low in the space between the two tracks.

On the side that we were standing was a small gutter and the only way we wouldn't be hit by the train was our standing in the gutter. Anju being the sensible smart princess jumped right in to save her life and I being the loony princess thought it would be better to be run over by the train then stand in the gutter. Hmph. *slaps people who rolled their eyes *
So now the freaks watching me don't like the attitude, they feel it is their prime duty to teach me that 'Jaan hai toh Jahaan hai' (Loose translation: The world is if there is life, er or something like that, anyways I said loose translation, didn't I?) As the train approached Anju shrieked and begged me to step into the gutter, but I refused steadfastly. Her highness would not step into dirty gutter!
The train kept coming closer and closer till it was in my face and the railing of the train hit me first and put me off balance and zhhhhhhhooooooop I dived head first into the gutter * slaps people clapping at the unexpected turn of events * I survived unhurt, not a single broken bone, not a single scratch but fully soaking in the gutter in which I refused to set my lovely feet in. Now I have learnt my lesson no point in avoiding little troubles of life as the people watching me from above will throw me right and very deep into them if I resist. So troubles are now met with a lovely smile and a quick jump :) and it goes without saying I always well almost always use the bridge to cross over a station.


unpredictable said...

ROFL@ your princess diaries!!!

Aisi akad kyun! What need????

In The Shadows said...

Were you crazy ??? Crossing the tracks like that? Ok I too have done that. But then, only after looking at both sides of the road, err.. track, as we were taught in school.

Kusum Rohra said...

@Unpredictable: Aare yaar this was 10 years back, it wasn't akad, I was young + loony, deadly combination I tell you. Oh wait! I still am young and loony, shit somebody save me.

@ITS: We looked at the track, there was no train :P

Sri said...

Ohh my God!!..sounds scary...pls be careful...i always use the overbridge even if it gets late...

I once saw a lady and her husband crossing the tracks...this was during the morning rush hour at Park station in Chennai...the hubby managed to jump on the platform first...the lady was taking her own sweet time adjusting her sari n stuff...suddenly everyone saw the train coming...people started screaming asking the lady to jump on the platform...i was simply too stunned for words...the lady coolly jumped on to the platform and the train arrived on the same tracks a few seconds later...she was not at all disturbed..she was smiling!!the onlookers were the ones who were stunned!!