Mind games

at Posted by Kusum Rohra
7.00 am: it's 7.00 am already!! :( Ok so I have to get up make breakfast, make lunch, pack our snacks *deep sigh* but I feel like a zombie *zzzzzzzzz*

7.10 am: I really should get up now, I have to reach work by 9.30, finish the damn thingie I am working on by 11.00 am. Just the thought of being at work is making me sleepy *zzzzzzzzzz*

7.15 am: Er, if I make Dal and Rice, instead of subji roti for lunch and ask the hubby to make breakfast then I can sleep another 10 mins :) decided then, dal and rice it is :) *zzzzzz*

7.18 am: But it's not good, I am becoming very very lazy and taking too bloody much advantage of the hubby, God I feel like I haven't slept at all! *zzzzzzzzz*

7.21 am: Wait a min!! I really haven't slept much, what time did we go to bed last night? 5.00 am or 5.30 am, I really need to stop watching movies all night, *sigh* how do I get myself out of bed now *zzzzzzzzzz*

7.25 am: Wait a min! I saw movies all night, all night? Er, why, er it was a Saturday, so today is Sunday so er I can *zzzzzzzzzz* ...... YAY *zzzzz* YAY *zzzzzz* YAY *zzzzzzzzz* * turned around and hugged the sound asleep husband*

7.30 am: But anyways must make husband make breakfast and lunch and dinner, taking advantage is must for a healthy marriage *zzzzzzzzzzz*

Such an torturous half an hour I spent early Sunday morning all because my mind which is not supposed to be existing in the first place lost track of what day it was :)


trupti said...

lol :))

Anonymous said...

ROTFL!!! And feeling good that I am not the only one to go through such days, although I never think of making breakfast, etc. :)

self discoverer...... said...

ha ha ha....confessions of a sleepy mind...loved it :D and the word I got for verification is oustr :P quite apt if u consider its phonetic meaning :P

Kusum Rohra said...

@Trupti: :)

@Patil: It sounds very funny, but this whole forgetting what day it is really did torture the mind :)

@self discoverer::P

Shalini Surendran said...

yeah... good that you realized it before you started for office! :)

Kusum Rohra said...

hahah shalini then this post would have been very very long and soul searching as I would have totally gone into a spiral of depression :)

mathew said...

lol!! you are spoilt buddy! ;-D
atleast you have a working mind at 7 :20 in the morning!;-P

Funjaybaba said...

freak!! i just loved this one :D :D