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Yup. That's what I have been rechristened as, thanks to my sweet delusional new roommate. I finally have two new roomies, one of whom is a hot Pilot babe *tries to hog undeserved limelight as always* . Now we all are reading about, crying about and trying to fight the monster called 'inflation' and yesterday we three women like desi charlie bhaiya ke angels beat it to pulp. For under Rs.200 we saw a play and had dinner at my most favourite theatre Prithvi.

We went out for the play 'The Crown Prince' all I can say is it's the best comedy play I have seen in a long time, we all hooted wholeheartedly when the play ended and came out with our jaws hurting and eyes watery from all the laughing out loud. Even now I am shaking like unsettled jelly thinking about the play which is not a real good thing considering I am in office and I am sure that it's common knowledge that no one feels particularly happy working with excel so people around me know what I am up to. Enough said I will now take my re-christened self seriously and order all of you to head to the lovely and cozy Prithvi in Juhu. Go to it's lovely cafe and enjoy a hot sulemani chai with masala 'Amlet' before the play, even their now-torn-and-tattered menu cards are innovative and interesting. After that watch the play 'The Clown Prince.'

Since I am sure you all will thank me for this advice I will also advice you to send me some entertainment charges in Euro and not dollahs and if you come back from the play dissatisfied then you should probably take your doctors advice seriously about not missing your meds or therapy sessions.


Ms Cris said...

Came here through Alexis's post. Was wondering, are the older entries missing?

Kusum Rohra said...

hey cris! Yeah the older entries are missing. Restoring them will be a mamoth task so don't know if I can do that.