Motorola and ram leela 6

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I think that's what they should have named Delhi 6. Such terrible terrible movie. I am surprised that this movie has got so many good reviews. Unbelievable. I wonder if it is really a good movie and there is something wrong with me for having hated it so much! Dear readers please tell me you hated the movie as well.
I had come back from a wedding in Faridabad, for which I travelled through Delhi but didn't get a chance to see it or meet the mad momma. Something about the city was lovely, maybe it was the wide roads and narrow rickshaws peddled by men or the lovely cold weather. So I already had Delhi on my mind and then I heard the song which says 'Ye shehar nahi mehfil hai' . That's it. I had to see Delhi 6. When I think of it now, I hate being so overtly sentimental and enthusiastic about a line in a song. After seeing this movie I have images of ram leela running all year long at all possible places in Delhi and people running around clicking away on their Motorolas!
The day before I saw this awful Motorola's advertisement of a movie, I saw the movie billu. Let me tell you it's very difficult to decide which one is worse! My lost faith in bollywood just got lost some more. The only thing good about the movie Billu was the dinner we had before it. I went for this movie with my looniest friends who never leave on time due to which we had to get parcels from subway etc and eat it in the rickshaw. Occasionally with my mouth full from a huge bite of the chicken sheekh sandwich and my face covered with thousand island dressing I would yell at the driver "Bhaiya jaldi chalao humari bahut important meeting hai!" Fine dining it was.
Tired of me badgering him to drive fast he asked "Meeting hai ke koi show hai." to which I replied "Meeting hai bhiya Shahrukh ke saath." I must say it was terrible meeting both Shahrukh and Abhishek. I want my money back and some diamonds too as compensation :(


Vivek D Rohra said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Kusum,

I dont think Delhi 6 was that bad!! I have spent considerable years in delhi and currently stucked in chennai :(

The movie just made me was so much delhi delhi and I loved it. I liked the concept as was light, it was very true!!

And add to it, Sonam is luking absolutely ravishing!!

By the way, really liked your blogs. Will be a regular reader. Keep writing.