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at Posted by Kusum Rohra
That's the worst advice my dear husband Mr. Loony ever gave me. No really. After dating me for years when he finally takes me to meet his parents he advises me to be myself. That could only mean trouble no? I mean an average person would take 5 mins of taking to me to tell that I should never ever be myself if I am meeting 'The Parents'.

So well, I met his parents for the first time during Diwali. We met in a food court (of all places). I am super confident Ms.Loony but then hey it's the guys parents so I was nervous as hell but then I had to be myself as per Mr. Loony so I eased up a bit and started cracking bad jokes under pressure, OK Ok your sniggering is so uncalled for! I agree, I crack bad jokes without pressure too, but that one time it went totally out of control.

Mr. loony in an attempt to show how creative I can get brings out this hand-packed fancy basket of D goodies that I had gifted to him earlier in the day. His mom in a very prim and proper social response tells me "Iski kya zaroorat thi beta." to which myself replies "You are right, iski zaroorat nahi hai." and looking at Mr. Loony I say " Wapaas de do isse." His mother of course looked like someone just told her that she was pregnant at the age ripe age of 55 and would really scream out loud. Mr. Loony being used me myself went on admiring the basket without giving a thought to my foot which was stuck in my mouth.

Forever I have been branded by the in laws as the one who has her foot growing from her mouth. This incident has be told and retold to whoever would care to listen, it has been exaggerated to an extent where some of his family members look very disappointed when they meet me and find foot on my leg which is on the ground. Heh. So girls please note, being yourself is all dandy but not when you are meeting his parents, when you are meeting his parents only two things should be done; smiling and nodding while looking at the floor. Trust me you will thank me for this one.


starry said...

So true.sometimes silence is golden.

RGB said...

Funny I had to read this one now. I was just telling my colleague that she needed to be more diplomatic at the workplace and know what to say (blurt-out) when. Loved your post.

Kusum Rohra said...

@Starry: :)

@RGB: Thanks :)

monisha mehta said...

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soulcare said...

Good humour !

zelle said...

hey kusum! how have you been?!...so glad to learn you are married and happy.

hope you still remember me...zelle from manila. :)

Kusum Rohra said...

Hey Zelle,

Sorry for the delay in response, OFCOURSE I REMEMBER YOU!. I am really happy and surprised to see your message girl :) as you can seen I have been married and happily so :)

How are you doing?

Making Life Better said...

Always true!!!