Remembering Myself as I was

at Posted by Kusum Rohra
Last few days have been the worst days of my life. Bad enough to drive me do try crazy stuff. *shudder* I have become bitter, sad and gloomy but then, I sadly smsed my beau "Please try and remember me as I was, and not as the person I have become." I guess it's then I realised it might be a good idea if I tried the same. I was a loony happy hippy person. I can't randomly decide to be happy, but then then I can try to not be gloomy and bitter. The problem in the whole situations is no one intends to hurt other so thats what I will do now on and I hope to God some of you still read this blog, because this was the happiest part and I plan to revive it back again!Right now I feel I am blessed to have my current roomies, Raji and Swapna. They barely know me but have been very very sweet. Making exemptions for my behavior, trying to lift my spirit and best of all just letting me be.


Boogerwormie said...

Hey... its ok... happens to all of us. I wish it wouldnt.. but it does

unpredictable said...

Wallowing is sometimes like ice cream, once you've indulged too much, you'll have had enough for yourself and you'll *want* to stop and try something else. Happy, gleeful, loony for e.g. :-)

Somya said...

take care...I am sure soon u'd be back to your happy loony self...and yes it would be wonderful to read all those fun posts of yours again.

Penguin said...

Hi Kusum. Have lurked here, but thought should appear out of the woodworks to offer you a hug. I hope the day that you think of this sadness as just another memory comes soon - until then, hang in there girl!

unpredictable said...

Hey Kusum: I echo Penguin's thoughts. This is one of those many posts I've written in the past and I know any answer, as kind as it may be, is usually unhelpful - hence was finding it tough to comment. But here's *HUGS* for you. Take care.

Kusum Rohra said...

@boogerwormie: It's not ok now, but I am hoping it will be ok someday :)

@unpredictable: Exactly my point. So am gonna try out the loony :)

@Somya:Thanks girl :)

@Penguin: hey thanks for de-lurking, really it means a lot at this point. As you can see I am already smiling :)

@unpredictable: big hug for you too :)

ugly orchid said...

you've been in love before? and hurt when it didnt work out?

you got over it and found something better and went back to being happy and nutty?

well, then i'm sure [dead sure!] it'll work out for you again :-)

hang in there!