Tandoori Kusum Rohra......Spicy!

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Last weekend the pilot babe roomie and I decided to go to the very famous Mohd. Ali Road to try out the delicacies dished out on this place during the month of Ramadan. As we neared this road a warm wind blew into our faces bringing with it the mixed smells of kababs and burning oil. I was surprised that in all the places that I read about the Minara Masjid lane I no where read about the local flea sort of market which is open till dawn. It was my dream come true! Being a total shopaholic I ofter crib about the fact that the malls aren't open all night. Going through rows and rows of stalls selling shoes, bags, dresses without having to worry about them shutting down was so great that I almost forgot that we were there to sample the food! Since I am brainwashed by the brand brigade I couldn't buy much from these markets but it sure was fun doing window shopping in it's truest sense for once.
We walked through the entire lane, picked up a stall called 'Status' and sat down to begin our gastronomic journey. The one thing that kept distressing me was the sight of caged 'teetars' kept on all these stalls. While I thought that the chicken tawa was good, the other dishes chicken tikka and kheema masala were not to my liking as they had toooooo much oil and spice in them so I was a little disappointed and I feel the food at Badhe Miyaan would have been better anyday. But after this disaster we surprisingly found a great place named 'Chinese and Grill' if I am not wrong, we didn't expect the iftaar specials to be good but strangely we ate the best brain masala there, not too oily nor too spicy, everything was just right.
The place that made this visit totally worth it was 'Suleman Usman Mithaiwala'. Between the two of us we tried their rasmalai (which was to die for, fresh, not too sweet and melted in your mouth) black current phirni (which was gooood) and regular matka phirni which is in the fridge humbly waiting to be eaten. I am yet to try their double malpua which I couldn't since the chicken and brain were already in a massive fight for space in my tummy. Next time for sure that delicacy will also be alloted some space.
If you are wondering about the title of this post well, the place was so hot, humid and crowded that I felt I was being tandoored and the spices in the air obviously stuck to me. If I would have waited for some more time I am sure I would have been cooked just right and would have made a great food experience for the crowd there!


Raju Bathija said...

You were lucky that someone went along with you at Mohd. Ali road. I have been going there during Ramzan, for some years now, but alone. I try to convince my friends to come along with me, but they drop out at the last moment. Anyway, a place you should have tried there is called `Merhaba', which has fabulous Baida Roti and Mutton Rolls.

Kusum Rohra said...

@Rajuji: I do plan to go there again since we couldn't try a lot of stuff *burp* excuse me, but the very thought of how stuffed we were does this currently. SO will try out Merhaba. My advice is you must try out chinese n grill, great place and food.

Yeah, guess I have been very lucky since I have my roomies and other friends who always are ready to jut tag along as long as I don't shoot them :)